Take a walk with us to see what is happening on the every changing farmscape. Our tours take about one hour and are hosted during the Spring, Summer and Fall. During winter we give ourselves and the animals a much needed rest (also it is cold). During the Spring the farm hosts baby goats, piglets, chicks, and the bees waking up from a long winters nap. We welcome the summer with chickens and goats grazing in the fields, the pigs getting bigger eating the compost and the harvesting of our garden veggies. Fall is when the apples fall, we process our animals for meat, and we start to store up for winter. Each season hosts a unique farm experience and the every changing mountain cycles thru the year. For Airbnb guests we offer a complementary tour that is arranged upon your check in so we may coordinate with other guests on property. If you are not an Airbnb guest please send us an email thru our contact us at the bottom of the page to request a tour time. Looking forward to showing you around the farm

-The Ledford